Frequently Asked Questions:

1.   For your Wear Analysis program, what if I have more than one end mill that I feel are my top performers? I may have one end mill I like for finish and another I like for performance. Which one do I send?

Not a problem, we can perform a Wear Analysis on both and combined geometries to give you the best of both end mills

2.  Is delivery outrageous because you custom build your end mills?

We pride ourselves on quick delivery. Standard delivery on custom end mills is 2-3 weeks. Plus we offer a 48 hour service. Many of our Distributor Partners are also happy to offer safety stock once the best design is in place.

3.  Are there times when you can’t improve performance?

Occasionally we will see perfect wear patterns and see no room for improvement. If those are our findings we will tell you that! There is no sense of wasting your time or ours if you already are using the best end mill in your application.

4.  My current end mill manufacturer also designs for specific applications, how is your approach any different?

Most end mill manufacturers focus on catalog sales only. They come up with a design for specific materials to put into their catalog. Then they try to make your application fit with what they already have available. That is why test results are so hit or miss. Sometimes it’s a winner, many more times it’s not. We do the exact opposite, we design and build exactly what you need based on the data we pull from your application. We don’t try to force a fit with what’s already on our shelf.

5.  If custom built is so great, then why do you also offer catalog end mills?

Because sometimes a good quality general purpose end mill is exactly what is needed. When a lower volume of end mills are used, it does not justify a custom built. We also do business with many job shops where the materials and parameters are always changing, in those cases a customer needs a good overall end mill. Custom built end mills are used where most parameters say the same and the customer wants to raise the bar on performance.

6.  I would imagine your custom end mill cost must be much higher than a competitors catalog standard.

Nope! In many cases we outperform and are cheaper. Because end mills is all we do, we are able to stay extremely lean on our processes.

7.  Why do you only offer end mills? I know your machines have the capability to product other items such as drills, reamers, etc.

Yes our machinery does have the capability to produce other cutting tools, but we believe that the greatest value we can offer our customers is to have laser sharp focus on one segment of the industry. End Mills is the segment we were already the best at, eliminating other cutting tools has allowed us to get even better. Cutting tool geometries and advancements are constantly evolving. It is very difficult to be great at everything. If you were having heart surgery do you want a surgeon that has many specialties or would you want a surgeon that eats, sleeps, and breathes hearts? We eat sleep and breathe end mills!