End Mill Coatings

end mill coatings Titanium NitrideTitanium Nitride (TiN) / Ordering code: Z1

A general-purpose coating allowing higher speeds and longer tool life. Effective in a wide area of metal cutting operations.


End mill coatings Titanium CarbonitrideTitanium Carbonitride (TiCN) / Ordering code: Z3

A harder, more lubricious coating offering better performance in steels over HRc 40 and aluminum alloys.


end mill coatings Aluminum Titanium NitrideAluminum Titanium Nitride (ALTiN) / Ordering code: Z5

An extremely abrasion resistant and hard coating with outstanding wear resistance. Recommended for the machining of cast iron, hardened die steels up to HRc 60 and other heat resistant alloys.


End mill coatings Titanium DiBorideTitanium DiBoride (TiB2) / Ordering code: Z7

Outstanding Self-Lubricating Properties for Extended Wear & Tool Life where built up edge (BUE) is an issue. With it’s low affinity to aluminum, it’s recommended for use with silicon aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, magnesium alloys and copper alloys.


end mill coatings Amorphous Diamond Coating (DLC)Amorphous Diamond Coating (DLC) / Ordering code: ZD

Diamond-like Carbon combines high hardness with an extremely low frictional coefficient. Recommended for high abrasive applications, graphite, fiberglass, & ceramics.