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Do you have more important things to do than worry about end mills?

Sherry DePerno, President / CEO Advanced Tool Inc.Hi, my name is Sherry DePerno, President & CEO of Advanced Tool Inc and it’s my goal to help you put the absolute best possible end mill in your spindle.

I get it, you have better things to do than worry about end mills. No problem, that’s my job.

This is exactly why I changed the business model of Advanced Tool Inc.  After years of offering a variety of cutting tools to the marketplace, I had this idea to build a company were we only did what we could be the best in the world at.  I wanted to play in a marketplace where we could have laser sharp focus, dominate my competition, and really make a difference to our customers. That marketplace is End Mills.

We are completely passionate about End Mills.  Any End Mill, any size! We love the complexity of the geometries, how one little tweak can make a huge difference in performance.  We love outperforming our competition. But most of all we love helping our customers and saving them money.

In order to be the best I knew we had to be different… and that we are!  We saw a huge gap in the marketplace and we filled it! You will not find our methods or processes anywhere! No other End Mill Manufacturer is doing what we do to ensure that you have the best end mill in your spindle.

Our Process is called Wear Analysis™ – To Learn More… click here!


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10,000 sq ft manufacturing plant in Marcy, NY