Carbide End Mills 48 hour special

Uncoated End Mill 48 hour special

  • ANY Conventional, Uncoated End Mill
  • ANY Cutting Diameter- inch or metric
  • ANY Single Diameter Cutting Edge
  • ANY End Geometry
  • ANY Helix Angle
  • ANY Plain or Flatted Shank

We guarantee we’ll ship uncoated tools within the following parameters no later than 48 hours from receiving the order. If we don’t, the tools are yours at no charge!!! All tools manufactured for you will be CNC ground to exact specifications, if we know the material you’re cutting and the application, we can enhance the geometry and increase your productivity. We supply the best performing tools and we supply them fast. Please Note: Orders must be received by 1pm in order to make UPS shipment 48hrs later. Orders received after 1pm will start you on the next business day for shipment purposes.

Carbide End Mills cutting diameter chart

Our engineers will determine and advise

  • if a shank length requested is inappropriate for the tool
  • if the geometry requested could be reconsidered for enhanced performance

Coating Services are available

  • TiN, TiCN, TiALN and ALTiN……….add 5 working days
RFQ – must specify 48Hrs service otherwise standard lead times are assumed.