ADVANCED TOOL INC is a premier carbide end mill manufacturer that saves our customers money by targeting medium to large volume end mill applications and designing a better end mill built for your exact machining environment.

ADVANCED TOOL is the developer of Wear Analysis™,   a proprietary program. We start with your current worn end mill, we analyze the wear patterns, stress points and areas of breakdown.

Then we build a new end mill that delivers results you can’t get from a catalog end mill. Reducing costs, inefficiencies, and solving problems for Fortune 100 & 500 manufacturers around the globe. Serving Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Power Generation, Defense, Heavy Equipment, Recreation, Firearms and Mold & Die industries.

See why we are different: All End Mills are NOT created equal

Wear Analysis Makes the Difference

The Problem: Testing new end mills for better performance is time consuming and when the tool test fails it’s a complete waste of time.

The Solution:  We have found a way to guarantee better test results than the end mill you are currently using, and 9 out of 10 times we do it on the first try.

Why Advanced Tool Inc? Because we don’t start from scratch.  We have learned how to read the data from the worn end mill you are currently using.
But more importantly we know what changes to make to improve that end mill and we understand that changing one element will improve the other 21 aspects of the end mill.

Wear Analysis™